May is a female Trainer in BrendanRubyBirch's fanfictions.

She is sometimes noted as a slut. She has dusky gold hair that curls around her shoulders, and deep blue eyes.


May was born to Moon and Felix Marshall, who then didn't realize that having kids-- for them-- was a bad thing. Growing up, her father died of a heart attack when Moon told him she was pregnant again.

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About five years later, Brendan was born. Moon struggled to bear him, and struggled even more when she took him home through the snow. May asks what happened when her broken, disheveled mother bursts through the door, gasping for breath. Moon tells her not to worry. May nods, and Moon hands Brendan to her, saying she needed to rest for a few hours. May finds her a few hours later, dead. She then calls Nicole's mother, saying she needed her to take care of her newborn brother. She then runs across the street and hands him over, then runs back and tries to wake Moon up. When she fails, she breaks down and lays down next to her.

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May goes to junior high, meeting a boy named Andrew. She instantly falls in love with him, and they accidentally let it spiral into a sex session. May finds out she is pregnant, and runs home, crying, knowing her dead parents would be disappointed. Brendan asks her what's wrong and May tells him. They lay down together and fall asleep.

About a year later May finds out that the baby is dead and she would never have it.

Her life drags on. She graduates high school, and decides to become a hooker. She has a weird interest for girls, and later finds out she's a homosexual. May shrugs this off.

She meets Nicole, who she thinks has a hot figure. Nicole asks why she looks so beaten down, and May's thoughts spiral into her dark life. She shakes herself out of it, and lets Nicole in, telling her that she is homosexual and if she tries to do weird things with her, stop her. Nicole nods, and May says she takes it back. She takes Nicole's wrist and puts it in her pants, and Nicole gasps. May hisses through her teeth that Nicole doesn't seem a normal girl, more of a hot slutty girl. Nicole blushes at this, and May shoves her onto the couch. Nicole shudders as May stands over her, and it quickly spirals into a small session.

Afterwards, May apologizes for her behavior and Nicole forgives her.

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