Brendan Ruby Birch is a male Trainer in BrendanRubyBirch's fanfictions.

He now has golden eyes, and kept his dusky brown hair. He is slightly tanned, and is supposed to be represented as Brendan in OR/AS. His accent is gone, and now is more affectionate.

His sister is now a prostitute.

His mother and father are dead.

He is the youngest of the family. Also he is sexy ;)


Brendan was born late, in the woods. He was forced to be taken in by Nicole's mother. His mother died a few hours after birth, and he grew up parentless. His older sister,May, took care of him once she was old enough.

Five years later, he finds out May is going to junior high and she had no babysitter. Nicole's mother watches him, and he goes outside to play with Nicole. His father's ambition runs through his blood, and he accidentally hurts her. Nicole runs away crying, and Brendan calls her back. Nicole calls him by his pet name, "Bren", and the two don't realize they have a crush on each other. When Brendan comes home, May is laying on the couch, broken down. Brendan comes over to her, and asks why she is crying. May answers, "Your sister has a baby inside of her." Brendan lays down with his depressed sister, and the two sleep together.

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When Brendan goes to high school, he starts bullying a girl named Reena. Nicole stops him after a few years, and the two move into tenth grade.

His girlfriend, Heather, dumps him after he accidentally kisses her. His life spirals into nothingness until he meets Nicole again, who he completely forgot about. She bursts into tears, and he cheers her up. She asks him to meet him at her house, and he accepts.

Mudkip runs away to wake Nicole up, and she goes to Brendan's house to return him. May answers, and lets her in. Brendan follows her, and the event soon spirals into a sex session along with his homosexual sister.

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As you read above, Brendan seems ambitious, which comes from his father. He grew up wild, and he is emotionally broken, which probably would come with losing both of his parents.

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BrendanRubyBirch is a Wattpad user based off Brendan. He set up his account to bear Brendan's birthdate (see infobox) and his gender. In real life, he is actually female.

"I love Brendan. His personality is exactly like mine, and he's fun to write about. Besides, he's so cute!"

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